You are in charge. We let you chose what you need.

No need to use a Sledgehammer to crack a nut…

We have 3 different tier groups to fit your budget and needs.

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Packages Starting At $200
Affordable HD quality Videogrpahy services. Documentary Style Visuals
Recommended for small Weddings, Family Gatherings, Birthday Parties, Lectures, Funerals & Debut Events.
Packages Starting At $400
High - End Gear And Professional Talents Cinematic Visual Style
Recommended for Weddings, High End Events, Conference Videography, Bar Mitzvahs,
Cinematic/ Broadcast
Packages Starting At $600
Union/ Non Union Crew along with Industry standard gear. Broadcast/Cinematic Styles
Recommended For High End Events, Commercials, Short Films, Concerts, Corporate videos


Customize your package.