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LGBTQ+ Wedding Videography – Love is Love

Love is love and nowadays it doesn’t have limits regarding their gender. After all, they are surrounded by it every single day—whether it is capturing a couple’s special day, overseeing their vows, planning the reception, and more. And while no love story is the same, every romance deserves to be celebrated. And when it comes to your LGBTQ+ wedding videography, we are a great group who will cover your entire wedding story for you.

In the spirit of Pride Month, we managed to research about many LGBTQ+ wedding vendors and how they share their stories, tips, and goals. We wanted to know how they got into the business of weddings, what the past year taught them about love, and what Pride means to them. But perhaps, most importantly, we asked how the wedding industry can do better. 

Because while we’ve made strides in marriage equality, we still have plenty of progress to make. Like ditching the stereotypical roles of bride and groom in favor of more inclusive terms to celebrate love—no matter what it looks like—for what is: love. Whether you’re an engaged couple, a wedding professional, or just a guest, we all have a role to play.

When it comes to many LGBTQ+ wedding videography, not many people are not fond to perform videography in such events. However, we are not such a group and we will be honoured to comply all of your LGBTQ wedding videography moments.

According to a popular wedding planner Darryl Moore the meaning of Pride is simple. “Having the courage and self-love to be who I am unapologetically: A proud gay Black man who plans and designs love parties (weddings) every weekend.”

A United States Navy veteran, Moore who have been serving during the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Era, founded the unforgettable  D’Concierge Weddings in the year 2007. Moore has been planning elegant, era appropriate weddings around the country and states ever since.  Moore said, “My goal has always been when people look at our wedding [they] can never put a date stamp on the look or details,” as he shares of his convergance.

According to what Moore has experienced about love in 2021 he shared it as follows. “I’ve learned that creativity is key! Maintaining a successful marriage or relationship takes love, patience, work, and focus. Lockdown forced us to become even more creative within our relationships. My hopes are people continue to love the way/who they choose without judgement. No love story is the same.”

In year 2015 the Supreme Court set new rules and regulations regarding on the topic same-sex, and that led LaToya Papillion-Herr to beginWaning Moon Weddings by LaToya. According to LaToya, “The ruling was a catalyst for creating safe, supportive, and loving spaces for couples getting married,” the wedding officiant and premarital coach shares. “I had learned that while the laws had changed, many vendors views had not.”

During the present time period, New Orleans-based Papillion-Herr holds the saying, “Great pride in being an anchor at the altar and an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the wedding industry”. 

According to her life information, she discovered and married her love in 2013. She also added,  “Since Waning Moon Weddings was created on a foundation of diversity, acceptance, and inclusion, I have become the officiant for couples of varying religious backgrounds, spiritual beliefs, abilities, gender expressions, ages, ethnicities, etc. I’m also a proud champion of love with magical southern charm!”

According to Papillion-Herr, Pride captures two resilient words: Confidence and freedom. She said, “Freedom to feel empowered, celebrated, and worthy. The confidence to be boldly ourselves without fear of discrimination, harm, or alienation. Pride means the confidence and freedom to live.”

When it comes to many LGBTQ+ wedding videography not many people are not seeing the beauty, glamour, and the passion throughout in such events. However, we are not such a group and we will be honoured to comply all of your LGBTQ+ wedding videography moments.

To everyone, the question remains and leaves them wonder, if there are any special demands, conditions or forms to make your marriage legal? In theory, LGBTQ+ couples are acceptable to get a marriage license in all 50 states to make their agreement constitutionally recognized. Some of the requirements adjusts and tweaks according the county and states. 

However, finding information regarding this matter is not a difficult one. In fact, almost every local county clerk’s website have the necessary list of forms and fees you need for completion. In theory, a marriage license requires a formal filing fee and proof of identification, such as a driver’s license, state ID card, or a passport. A marriage license is usually valid for 60-90 days, and it is a good practice to file for it a few weeks ahead of your wedding date.

Before saying the words ‘I do,’ to your partner,  there are a few details which could be a good idea to decide with your partner ahead of your wedding. From the bachelor/ bachelorette parties, post-party planning to the main event wedding traditions, here are seven applications that the experts advise every couple to discuss as they begin their wedding planning.

  • Choosing Your Outfit and Attire: Some couples elect to match their partner on their wedding day, while other couples decide an unique outfit on their own likings and style. Before selecting your outfit for the big day, it is good idea to decide about it.
  • Selecting the Wedding Party: Some tend to have separate wedding parties for different groups or just one big event. That is up to the partner to decide. Who are following in the wedding, who will be walking down the aisle with them is also something that you must be careful of.
  • One Aisle or Two: Heterosexual weddings usually feature a bride being escorted down the aisle by her father or another influential person in her life. However, this might not be the same for an LGBTQ+ wedding. In this case, you can choose to keep the single-aisle tradition or decide on for two aisles–where both partners walk down the aisle at the same time to commence the wedding ceremony.
  • What to go on and what to Keep: There are many cases you might not pick some traditions in your weddings. You and always take theto ditch the bouquet/garter belt toss, but it is recommended to keep the first dance and cake cutting traditions. For every couple, there are always traditions they love and ones that make them feel blah. Talk about which moments feel meaningful and skip anything that won’t give you joy!
  • Planning the Bachelor(ette) Party: If you are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, you and your partner can choose to either have a combined party or two separate celebrations. Both celebration styles have their perks, so it’s really a matter of what works best for you.
  • Choosing a Last Name: To swap, keep, hyphen or not to hyphen–that is the question! Some couples opt for a hyphenated last name, while others choose to keep their own last names or adopt their partner’s last name. The choice is completely yours, so talk to your partner and weigh your options!
  • To After Party or Not: A recent survey from The Knot found that same-sex weddings are three times more likely to have an after-party than their heterosexual counterparts. An after-party is a fun way to keep the festivities going after your reception or to celebrate with friends and family after an elopement.

LGBTQ Wedding Videography, which includes

  • Lesbian 
  • Gay
  • Bisexual
  • Transgender

We do all sorts of wedding videography, and we have our own creative concepts to give your special day its unique identity. 

Yes ! We are a professional crew who has a stack of experiences in the field. We don’t have limitations. What we believe is, Videography is our passion. And your LGBTQ wedding videography is not an exception.

Los Angeles Videographers LLC has a talented crew who deep dug into our client’s cultural backgrounds to make sure we have the ideal shots and ideal concept for your Life time moment. 

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We capture the atmosphere and the magical moments of your relationship in the most creative and unique angles.

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